Saturday, March 7, 2009


I like words that imply double meanings.
hence the missguidedkat(mis-guided kat)

Like my friend TAM,
I like to come up with new words for old things.....
one of my favorites is her new word frizzante
The dictionary meaning refers to wine that is light & sparkly
She has adopted the word and now uses it to describe a mood or an aspect of a personality.

I like to take sayings that have contributed to a concept or belief and switch them up a bit to create a new concept or belief.
I grew up hearing and saying:
You are (I am) a Jack of all trades, master of none.
I have adapted this saying to fit into my
life at this moment
I am a Jack of all trades,
Master of SOME !

Some might say:
You shouldn't break the rules.
It will be confusing and people will not be able to understand you.

Well, here's a flash.
Even when you use a proper word in a proper sentence,
there will be confusion and misunderstanding.

In each human mind,
basic precepts come together to form concepts based on the experiences of that individual.

Concepts, in my humble opinion, are like snow flakes.
No two are ever exactly alike.
From the outside looking in, they appear to be identical.
And I would guess that even from the perspective of an individual snowflake, there seems to be no difference.
From the inside the snowflake looks out and thinks what it sees is afterall just like it.

This post is also designed with a double purpose in mind.....
new to so many things in this wonderful world of the internet

I am playing with the features and applications that this program has to offer. Fonts, color, style and such.
I am feeling very frizzante, and using what comes to mind for the content in this playground.

To anyone who takes the time to read this;
Thank you for sharing my moment, I hope it made you smile.


Friday, March 6, 2009


Here I sit, in awe and wonder of an intelligence that permeates the fabric of our lives.

So many fragmented events, so many micro moments that seem to be independent of each other that have occurred over the past week or two.

In a project to create my first squiddo lens, I choose a man named Peter Russell as the subject for my first topic.

I go to Peter's web site to update myself on information and find a curious new addition to his site.

I get an intuitive nudge for action and I follow through on it.

It is politely rejected, it seems irrellevant, and I let go.

I only wish that I could remember all the steps that followed, I cannot.

I can only tell you where they have led to at this moment.

For some time now, I have been striving to achieve the method and means that would enble me to make drastic changes in my life. Changes that would allow me to live in the moment, free of financial worry and stress, free to pursue my passion and free from the constraints of time.

And this is where the paradox begins:

katipedia: paradox-two views on a topic or situation that appear at first sight to be in direct contrast to one another, however, when the aspects of the situation are removed, it is evident that there is an underlying common truth.

It is not to be implied that the following is a ultimate truth, but rather my truth at this moment.

Thoughts are things, they are the energy with which you create your present reality.

There is in reality no financial stress or worry except that which I choose to create with my thoughts. Nothing more than an accumulation of ideas and concepts around how I think things work, what I believe needs to be done or what I feel needs to be present to achieve my goals.

I ask myself the following questions:

Is there anything I need to do or change before I can live in the present moment?

Are there really any obstacles that have to be removed before I can pursue my passion?

Ultimately, since it is I who controls how I will use time, is there any truth to the idea in my head that my time is limited?

It all comes back to thoughts

In any given moment, there will be one thought or another, jumping up and down in my head, saying, pick me, pick me.

Some thoughts will have concepts attached to them that create more thoughts, like fear thoughts. Fear thoughts are highly evolved creatures. They separate themselves from the other thoughts and give the illusion that they are different...they are real.

Fear thoughts are concepts that been infused with the added stability of emotion, they have pain attached them. As humans, it is a basic survival tool to seek pleasure and avoid pain. All too often as a result, when fear shows itself, we look away or pretend it doesn't exist.

No truer statement has ever been said, "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself."

I have been practicing something new with fear thoughts for a while.

When they surface, I take a good look, a curious and inquisitive look at what they are made of. Sometimes there is uncomfortable emotion or a strange anxiety that beckons me to turn back. I have learned to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and to be peaceful while feeling anxiety.

And this is the point where I can go no further,

for you see, this is something you have to experience for yourself to know it's truth.

If you take my word for it, you are doing nothing more than adding new thoughts, new concepts, to a mind all ready on FULL.

In the spirit of a good spring cleaning.....spend a little time in a quiet place and look with child like curiosity at the thoughts that fill your head.....let a few go, make room for some new ones.

Observe the thoughts that have made up the script of your life to this point.

Direct the energy of your thoughts to a specific outcome.

Create a life story that will win the Ultimate Academy Award (Whatever that looks like to you)

As with all that I write or say, take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind for perhaps another time.

Kat :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have a favorite long sleeved t-shirt that I wear,
on the front is a picture of hiking boots and a little saying that goes like this....
"All who wander are not lost"

I practice the art of living in the present moment,
and sometimes find it difficult to understand how all the pieces fit together.

This a struggle I believe many can relate to.

I find that life is a mystery and a paradox.

At the very essence of who I am, I see the world in all of it's perfection.
It is only when I engage the thinking mind to apply what I know to the practical ideas of daily life that things get fuzzy.

For the last few months, I have been engaged in a new and interesting place called "MilagroWorld"

It is a wonderful on line community forum that has attracted quite a mix of characters.
The focus of the conversations is as varied as the aspects of life itself.

Over the last couple of weeks, the most amazing thing has happened.
Many seemingly unrelated topics and issues have come together and pieces of my own personal puzzle are falling into place.

As a joke, I created katipedia:
a way to describe terms used by some members to other members that reside in other countries, and are sometimes baffled by the words.

As a result of two prominent conversations that are going on in MW right now,
I would like expand my version of katipedia: and add a couple to my blog.

from katipedia:
mentor; any individual who has more knowledge than you regarding a specific topic or skill, and is willing to guide and direct you to attaining that information or skill. Success in this endeavor, requires a willingness to leave all of your "I know that's " at the door.

from katipedia:
mastermind; any group of people, (can be as few as two) that meet in the middle to discuss and create ideas that lift the energy level and add to the possibilities for the outcome for something new to emerge.

I hope you find something useful or at least enjoyable in this post and all those that will follow,