Monday, May 18, 2009


Todays post will short & sweet, written mostly for a selfish purpose.

After a week of what can only be called "a pain body attack"~Eckhart Tolle
and thanks to my understanding of the principles that operate in our lives,
I come away from the experience a little closer to that which I truly AM.

To be clear~even the statement "All Issues Are My Own" is not quite accurate.
The issues are born of and belong to the EGO, which I am NOT.

And to show that in every challenge there is a seed planted that fosters our highest good,
after days of writing my thoughts on paper and working my way to the crux, I did indeed find that seed.

And out of that experience came a few missguidedkat quotes:

This is where the selfish part comes in~I realized that since I will want to use these statements in a future photography book that I am working on, it would be a good idea to get them in print with a verifiable date & time. (The first and only necessary step in copyright protection)

"Things change and I change with them, adapting to each new environment." missguidedkat

"Life is a wonderful adventure, with a treasure chest full of costumes before me. I AM a child forever playing dress-up and living out the dreams of my imagination." missguidedkat

"Things change, it is a fact of life. I choose to create change rather than be blown about by the winds of it." missguidedkat

Love Kat~

Sunday, May 3, 2009


For many months now, life has been steamrolling along at a rather hectic pace. Doing this and doing that in the hopes of achieving something.
I hadn't planned to take the weekend off, it just sort of happened all by itself.
It started by accepting an early afternoon invitation on Saturday and just seemd to flow into other events with no rhyme or reason. In retrospect, I find myself amazed at the perfection of timing that occurs when things are left to their own accord.
The following is an account of the weekend that I had sent to a friend in an e-mail message on Sunday evening:

It was a wonderful weekend here.
The weather is in the nineties with a light breeze blowing that keeps one cool.
Saturday, I attended an appreciation luncheon for the volunteers of Hospice. Jo Ann volunteers for patient home assistance.
After which we went to Town Square, a trip to the bookstore and coffee.
Our friend James came around the corner while we were sitting there and the three of us wandered around.
They were having an event in the park with live music. Four adorable young girls playing electric violins & cello.
The musical piece was one of those beautiful songs that have life affirming lyrics. James amused us by breaking into song…he knew all the words.
There were lots of children playing and dogs running around….I thought of Tam and the harlequin dane. I kicked myself for once again not having my camera on hand.
We then ventured over to movie theatre and saw The Soloist…..Brilliant.
When we came out of the movie the event had turned to a Wine Walk.
We milled around a little longer and then with hugs and farewells came home.

Today, we went to The District.
It is much the same as Town Square, but a single street design.
Another beautiful day.
They were having their annual Art Walk.
I met some very talented people and I think I have even made a few new friends.
There were a couple of awesome experiences, hopefully you will read about them in my blog WITH PICTURES.
Yes, I finally remembered to take my camera.
James joined us there as well. And he invited a friend.
We tried a new place to eat that the friend recommended. Wonderful!
A small Greek restaurant tucked away in the corner. The food was incredible.
James and his friend took off after lunch.
Jo Ann and I hit The Coffee Bean.
We sat outside enjoying the environment.
While we certainly chatted, there was much time spent in quiet silence, just soaking up all the wonderful energy that surrounded us.

Both of us had reached that peaceful state where we knew that if we simply closed our eyes we would be off to blissful slumber.
That’s exactly where the day ended, came home and took a nice long nap.

Life is Good !

After the nap, I began to think of these events at a deeper level.
I suddenly realized that at no time during the weekend had I allowed any thoughts to interfere with the simplicity and perfection of my weekend. I also noticed that no castrophes had taken place while I had placed my "To Do" list on hold.
I thought about a casual comment that was made at lunch.
On Friday, Danny Gans, a gifted & wonderful entertainer here in Las Vegas, died in his home at the age of 52.
He was a global musical legend and a "good man" in the community.
While we sat with friends, eating wonderful food, in a beautiful enviroment and sharing our appreciation of the moment, James friend Jack wondered out loud "How do you think Danny Gans spent Friday?"

If today were my last, it was a day well spent.