Saturday, March 7, 2009


I like words that imply double meanings.
hence the missguidedkat(mis-guided kat)

Like my friend TAM,
I like to come up with new words for old things.....
one of my favorites is her new word frizzante
The dictionary meaning refers to wine that is light & sparkly
She has adopted the word and now uses it to describe a mood or an aspect of a personality.

I like to take sayings that have contributed to a concept or belief and switch them up a bit to create a new concept or belief.
I grew up hearing and saying:
You are (I am) a Jack of all trades, master of none.
I have adapted this saying to fit into my
life at this moment
I am a Jack of all trades,
Master of SOME !

Some might say:
You shouldn't break the rules.
It will be confusing and people will not be able to understand you.

Well, here's a flash.
Even when you use a proper word in a proper sentence,
there will be confusion and misunderstanding.

In each human mind,
basic precepts come together to form concepts based on the experiences of that individual.

Concepts, in my humble opinion, are like snow flakes.
No two are ever exactly alike.
From the outside looking in, they appear to be identical.
And I would guess that even from the perspective of an individual snowflake, there seems to be no difference.
From the inside the snowflake looks out and thinks what it sees is afterall just like it.

This post is also designed with a double purpose in mind.....
new to so many things in this wonderful world of the internet

I am playing with the features and applications that this program has to offer. Fonts, color, style and such.
I am feeling very frizzante, and using what comes to mind for the content in this playground.

To anyone who takes the time to read this;
Thank you for sharing my moment, I hope it made you smile.



  1. Did it make me smile?? More than that, it make me SPUMANTE (fully sparkling!)

    Thank you for rethinking how perception is different for everyone.

    You're a joy.


  2. Here you are. It's going to be fun to watch you build and grow your site.